Thursday, 28 February 2013

Beat The Heat With Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10

Leading smart phone manufactures are coming up with new and innovative handsets all the time. One such unique and most talked after device at present is Sony Xperia Z and BlackBerry Z10. Sony Xperia Z is outstanding device with best features to boast of and has taken Sony to new heights. Similarly BB Z 10 is the first smart phone from RIM to come up with full touch screen experience for its users. Well, it is to be seen which device will appeal more to the buyers?

Xperia Z vs BlackBerry Z10 - Design 

Talking of the design, both the devices are extremely thin combined with slim framework. There is only few mm of difference between the two devices which you won’t even feeling. The thickness of Xperia z is 8mm while that of Z10 is 9mm. Again the weight of Sony phone is 135 grams while BlackBerry is 146 grams.

Operating System

Both the devices are equipped with new operating systems which have been designed to impress. While BlackBerry is adorned with 1.5 BlackBerry 10 4G which is the fastest operating system till in any RIM phone. It is capable of running several applications with ease. On the other Xperia z comes on board with 1.5 Android jelly Bean 4G. With this there is good news for all the Android fans as they now have latest operating system to work on. The change can easily be felt in the working of the phone and the graphics which are produced on the display.


The front of the Sony Xperia Z comes around with screen of 5 inches with resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. This gives maximum resolution to the display and brings out unique experience while viewing the images, playing games, web surfing and many more. While on BlackBerry Z10 there is display of 4.2 inches with resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels bringing better pictures and graphics than any of the BlackBerry phone till date. So, if are avid BlackBerry fan and have not purchased anything till date then this is the time to go for it!

Memory and Processor 

Both the device consists of internal memory of 2GB which is easily expandable to 32GB through micro SD card slot. This space can be used to store wide range of data like images, videos, movies and more. Taking in to account the processor feature, there is dual core processor running the operating system in BlackBerry. While quad core processor completes the process in Xperia Z.


Now this feature where Sony Xperia Z wins hands down. The camera feature of the handset is 13MP which is supported with LED flash to capture high quality pictures. While there is up gradation in Blackberry phone as well with 8MP camera fitted at the back with several new camera application included such as Time shift which allows you to shift the time of the click by few seconds to get that perfect shot. 

In end the tough fight between Sony Xperia Z Vs BB Z10, the winner is the one which will get maximum support from the buyers!

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