Sunday, 10 February 2013

BlackBerry Z10 vs Q10 - Tight Competition Between Sibling

Finally BlackBerry has come up with a nice and highly updated BlackBerry phones which can easily give competition to the likes of Samsung, iPhone and Nokia. After a long time, the Canadian firm has manufactured not one but two flagship handsets namely BlackBerry Q10 and Z10. Will they make history and renew the lost glory of BlackBerry? This is still to be seen. But the best part both the devices flaunt the latest BlackBerry OS 10 that renders it all more amazing and desirable among the users. If you are confused between BB Z10 Vs BB Q10, we will give best features of both that will certainly help you in making the right decision. They will be releasing soon in April with their set of deals. 

Both BB Z10 and BB Q10 to start with have great design that definitely catches the eye balls. Though, Q10 offers the trusted QWERTY keypad which is loved and still the best physical keyboard that any mobile manufacturer could have ever made. The well spaced keys and smooth typing of the long mails and messages make the device is treasure to behold. While BB Z10 is set to take on its competitors with smooth and sleek touch screen that is surely going to make battle tough for upcoming devices like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4. 

It is great news for the BlackBerry fans as they did not have something to boast about for a long time and now they have two top rated handsets adding to their possessions. Both the devices have been launched together but they vary completely from each other while one is a QWERTY phone other is touch phone with smooth interface and responsive screen. 

BlackBerry Z10 Vs Q10: Size and build 

Both the devices have been designed quite ergonomically taking into account each and every feature without compromising on the looks. Q10 comes on board with the sleek dimensions of 119.6 x 66.8 x 10.4 mm with mere light weight of 139 grams making it easy and light to carry around in hands and working with it on the move as well. It is available in two popular colors of Black and White. One can chose any according to their likes and preference. 

Talking of the much refined and sleek Z10, there is glass front which is placed suitably between plastic cover with rubber cover at the back for better hold of the handset. The device looks designed for the high class business man. It comes with the thickness of mere 9mm with light weight. It is quite durable and easy to carry around. 

BlackBerry Z10 Vs Q10: Perfect Display 

Get ready for the best and amazing display with bright and vivid pictures brought on screen. The display of BB Z10 is 4.2 inches which brings about best of images and videos with screen resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels. The pictures, games and web browsing were never so clear and sharp on your BlackBerry phone. Though, it might not look as great as an Apple iPhone but the effort made by the firm is worth mentioning. 

Q10 comes up with the screen of 3.1 inches with resolution of 720 X 720 pixels which is pretty decent for the phone of this price range. The Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen is quick in its response too. 

BB Z10 Vs Q10- BlackBerry OS 10 and BlackBerry Hubs 

Both the flagship devices come with unique and much popular BlackBerry OS 10 which is home to many new features and apps. One of the main gestures is the simple swiping of the screen to get on the display. You can also unlock your phone with swipe at the button which is very much similar to the home button in Z10. On the display you will find array of typical BlackBerry icons. You can easily minimize number of apps which remain as an ‘Active Frame’. It is possible to run 8 apps a time including calendar, weather location and other latest updates on the go. 

Blackberry 10 is home to number of apps such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn giving you notification and information about all the happenings at one place. This is a welcome change which has been appreciated by those who are more active on the social sites. 

BB Z10 Vs Q10- Performance 

Since both the devices comes bundled with array of applications which require lot of power to run smoothly. BB Z10 has been powered with 1.5GHz dual core processor which renders the device amazing speed to run all the applications without any delay. Well, the processor is so good that it can easily be compared with Sony Xperia Z. 

Q10 has also been bundled with 1.5 GHz processor to give you a smooth ride through the applications and other process carried on by the phone. 

BB Z10 Vs Q10-Camera 

This is for the first time that BlackBerry has paid attention to the camera feature with great detail. Both Q10 and Z10 come on board with high mega pixel camera of 8 fitted at the back. The images are captured with the resolution of 3264 X 2448 pixels. Moreover support of the LED flash further adds to the brightness and the quality of the images captured. 

Other contributing features include auto focus, Geo tagging, Image stabilization and much more. One of the main and innovative features of the snapper is the Time Shift. With this it is easy to move the images forward or backward for few seconds until you have got all the people present in the picture with their eyes open. 

BB Z10 Vs Q10 Deals 

Both the devices will soon be available with all the leading and potential mobile deals. Mobile phone deals are the trusted and most sought after means of getting the latest mobile without shelling out huge sum of money. Stay tuned for deals provided by the top mobile networks like Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and O2 with their set of lucrative offers and bargains!

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