Friday, 11 January 2013

HTC Incredible S - More dignified in its approach

HTC Incredible S is one of the many beautiful and elegant handsets which are currently available in the market. This device from the house of HTC is Black and red in colour and has features which are enough to give competitions to all the latest handsets present in the market. 

HTC Incredible S is assembled with the dimensions of 120 x 64 x 11.7 mm which comes with the weight of 135.5 making it thin and easy to carry in your hands. The camera of this gadget is astonishingly 8MP which gives the pictures such a wonderful contrast and texture that you just can't believe your eyes. The resolution of this stunning device is 3264x2448 pixels giving the best clarity and quality one can imagine. The 1.3MP camera is also intrigued to do video calling. The videos are recorded in high definition making it a splendid experience to watch them on your device. 

HTC Incredible S comes with various integrated application like Google,You Tube and dictionary to name the few. These applications are run with the help of 1 GHz Scorpion processor. The high speed net connectivity is maintained by the help of GPRS,3G and EDGE. 

The display also has some other features which are the highlight of this gadget includes HTC Sense v3.0 UI,proximity sensor for auto turn off. 

This device is available in the market through various Incredible S Payg deals. There are mobile phone deals which are the major players in giving the best offers to the buyers in form of these deals . They are namely Pay as you go, Sim free mobile phones and Contract mobile phones. With contract mobile phones the consumers will get free gifts with their handsets together with the incentives which are useful in making your purchase cheaper and affordable.

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